Tenants Costs Appeal Granted

The tenants of Atlantic Bays represented by the PCTA have been successful in their appeal of the costs award associated with their application for an injunction for service charge accounts to be supplied for years 2017 to 2019.

Following the failure despite repeated requests for accounts for years 2017-2019 the PCTA applied to the courts for an injunction. The landlords eventually supplied the accounts prior to a hearing taking place and the PCTA applied to the courts for their costs.

The PCTA were not granted their costs on a technicality, which we considered gave a signal to landlords that it was OK to withhold accounts until forced into supplying them. The appeal court judge agreed an error in law had taken place and reinstated our costs for the injunction but refused us costs for the appeal. It seems no matter how just your case some you just cannot win.

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